GEO-NET at the DACH Meteorologists Conference 2019


GEO-NET visited the DACH 2019 from 18th to 22nd March. The DACH Conference is the joint triennial conference of the German, Austrian and Swiss meteorological societies with many interesting contributions from different fields of meteorology. In the session "Measuring and Observing" Dr. Linda Voß gave a lecture on "LiDAR correction in complex terrain by means of FITNAH-3D" and received a lot of positive feedback on the investigations carried out at GEO-NET.

Wind Power Russia 2019


We are very happy to participate again in the Wind Power Russia 2019 conference tomorrow and we are looking forward to interesting discussions! You can meet my colleagues Vera Vanieva and Johannes Becker from 26-28 February in Moskow. GEO-NET has already managed 15 wind energy projects in Russia with wind measurement campaigns and bankable energy yield assessments.

GEO-NET: Wind resource assessment for 800MW in South Africa and 140MW in Ghana


GEO-NET won a tender for wind resource assessment for up to 800MW of wind energy in South Africa and up to 140MW in Ghana.

Part of the services is the optimal placement of 8 wind measurements as well as their compliant construction, documentation and evaluation. At the end of the measurement campaigns, GEO-NET provides bankable reports, which serve as the basis for the wind farm financing. For modeling the wind conditions in the wind farm, GEO-NET uses the validated flow model FITNAH-3D, with which wind conditions can be modeled much more accurately even in complex terrain than with standard models widely used for energy yield assessments. The client is the project developer Enertrag South Africa. GEO-NET has already carried out numerous successful bankable measurement campaigns and wind analyzes in Germany and abroad for Enertrag.

GEO-NET has won new projects in France


In addition to more than 30 projects in France, GEO-NET has again been able to win new projects in the Ardennes and  Brittany. Thus GEO-NET is further expanding its experience in the Franch wind energy market and can score points as a competent partner for wind and energy yield assessments as well as wind measurements with masts or LiDAR.

GEO-NET with booth at the Ukrainian Energy Week in Kiev


Sergei Roife and Johannes Lange visited the Ukrainian Energy Week in Kiev. Their conclusion is quite positive: despite the strained foreign policy situation and the announced introduction of an auction system instead of a fixed feed-in tariff, the Ukrainian wind industry is optimistic about the future. This is also pleasing to GEO-NET - the wind experts from Hanover have been active in the Ukraine since 2008 and are among the most experienced wind experts in this country.

Participation at AHK business trip in Vietnam


From 5 to 9 November 2018 an AHK business trip will take place in Ho-Chi-Minh-City. GEO-NET will participate at the event and will present the company and its services at the conference on 06.11.2018. The potential for wind energy is high in Vietnam. In addition, the government is pushing for expansion and has decided to increase the feed-in tariff for onshore wind energy from USD 7.8 cents/kwh to USD 8.5 cents/kwh from 1 November 2018.

GEO-NET on the WindEnergy Hamburg 2018


Thank you very much for visiting us at Wind Energy Hamburg 2018!

- and the versatil conversations about our extensive service portfolio for Germany and the global market. There was a lot of interest for wind measurement campaigns with LiDAR or mast, bankable wind reports according to TR6 rev10, wind potential studies or wind atlases for large regions in new markets this time.

GEO-NET also has experience in supporting wind farm projects in more than 50 countries and also supports you with employees in the Ukraine, Brazil and Vietnam.



GEO-NET signs contract for extensive wind measurement campaign in Russia


GEO-NET has signed a contract for 10 wind measurement campaigns in Russia with the Russian project developer Vetro SGC.

Based on these measurements, a total of 260 MW wind energy will be developed. This wind measurement campaign contract is already the second one with Vetro SGC, with now a total of 610 MW of wind energy planned.
Russia is thus becoming an important wind energy market. Rosatom, the Federal Agency for Atomic Energy of Russia, has recognized the signs of the times and is involved with the subsidiary Vetro SGC in the development of wind farms in order to gain know-how and open up a promising new wind market. With GEO-NET Vetro SGC has found a reliable partner for site assessment and wind measurement, who already has with its Russian-speaking staff many years of experience in Eastern Europe and worldwide.



GEO-NET at the International Energy Forum, Wind & Hydrogen Kiev/ Ukraine 2018


GEO-NET has just commissioned another wind met mast in Ukraine. The latest one at a highly symbolic location for renewable energies – Tchernobyl.
We were also present at the First International New Energy Forum in Kiev.

GEO-NET at the "Wind Power Russia 2018" in Ulyanovsk, Russia


On May 16, 2018, GEO-NET presented its services to an interested audience at the event "Wind Power Russia 2018" in Ulyanovsk, Russia.

The first Wind Park has already been built in the region and another 200 MW are planned. GEO-NET is Russia's market-leading partner for measurement campaigns and wind and energy yield assessments.

GEO-NET wins tender in Russia

GEO-NET wins the tender by JSC "VetroSGC" for the wind resource services for the construction of a 200 MW wind farm as the second part of the implementation of the investment project "Construction of WF 610 MW and WT Factory". 

Round of discussion in Moscow about LiDAR Tecnology


On July 20, GEO-NET participated in the seminar "New technologies and contemporary equipment for wind measurements" in Moscow.
The seminar was organized by the company Leosphere together with the company NRG. It was interesting and important discussion platform for both national and international players in the market.

Vera Vanieva and Andreas Hunold reported locally on the extensive experience of the LiDAR measurements that GEO-NET has collected over the past few years.

German -Brazilian Renewable Energy Business Conference - CTGAS-ER in Natal-RN-Brazil


Our Brazilian subsidiary GEO-NET Consultoria para Energias Renovaveis thanks AHK- Brazil German Chamber for the invitation to participate the event "German -Brazilian Renewable Energy Business Conference", where our colleague Henrique Ferreira informed an interested audiance about our services for "Operational Wind Farm Analysis".





GEO-NET is celebrating 20 years

20 Years GEO-NET

The team spent a long weekend in the Saxony Switzerland for the anniversary celebrations and visited also the office in Dresden.



Climate Adaptation Concept City Osnabrück


We are currently working on a climate adaptation plan for the city of Osnabrück. For this we conduct meteorological measurements which are included in the model-based urban climate analysis. In addition to mobile measurements through the city and smoke observations of near-surface air layer, vertical soundings of this layer were carried out using a Meteocopter for the first time (see photos). Compared to a balloon the Meteocopter measurement could achieve higher temporal and spatial resolution.



The assessment of Wind Power Potential of Uzbekistan

GEO-NET has successfully finalized the study about the wind power potential of Uzbekistan. The results of the feasibility study, which was performed together with Intec - International Energy Consultants GmbH, were presented during the 2nd national wind energy conference in Tashkent in June this year. The wind potential was calculated country wide using the mesoscale model FITNAH 3D and combined with data regarding infrastructure, such as information on the electrical grid, etc. The result of the study indicates that Uzbekistan’s wind power potential exceeds the installed wind power capacity in Germany significantly. Many areas have been identified which combine high wind potential, free available space and vicinity to the electrical grid. In two of those areas, 12-month wind measurements of up to 85 m height have been conducted in accordance to IEC61400-12-1. The outcome of those studies confirm the results of the FITNAH 3D modelling and the suitability for wind power development. It is further planned to build up two 100 MW wind farms at these sites. The project was financed by the World Bank and conducted for the state joint stock company Uzbekenergo.





GEO-NET realized 25 LiDAR measurement campaign

Since the availability of LiDAR systems and the entry into force of the current TR6 GEO-NET has implemented 25 LiDAR measurement campaigns. The project steps ranging from planning of the measurement, the installation of the systems in the project area, the supervision and monitoring, maintenance, evaluation and verification of the equipment through the wind and energy yield calculation. For the measurement campaigns GEO-NET is using LiDAR systems from manufacturers Leosphere and ZepIR. In addition to Germany as a priority, projects in Austria, Switzerland and Ukraine were implemented.




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