Concepts and assessments on climate protection

Communal climate protection is a central task for rural circles, cities and municipalities. We support municipalities and regions on their way to CO2 neutrality.


Climate-friendly urban and regional development

As an experienced climate service provider, we help municipalities to formulate strategic climate protection goals and show ways to achieve them. Key targets for us are energy saving, increased energy efficiency and the further expansion of renewable energies.

On the one hand, our range of services includes thematic projects. These include, among others, potential analyzes for renewable energies, CO2 balances or the development of specific climate protection measures.

On the other hand, we offer especially the development of overall climate protection concepts for municipalities. Analyzes are carried out on all locally relevant fields of action and individual knowledge is combined to form an integrative climate protection strategy. An important success factor here is the intensive involvement of municipal actors from all areas - from land management and their own properties to private households and companies to the mobility sector.

Particularly within the framework of the municipal guideline of the BMUB, we offer the following services:

  • Creation of qualified grant applications
  • Initial consultation of municipal climate protection
  • Integrated climate protection concepts (also for small municipalities)
  • Climate protection concepts, climate protection in own properties
  • Climate protection concepts, climate friendly mobility in municipalities
  • Climate protection concepts, Renewable Energies
  • Climate protection concepts, adaptation to climate change
  • Innovative climate protection concepts


Depending on the specific task, we regularly work with partner companies from other specialist disciplines, such as building management or traffic planning. A strategic partnership exists with plan-GIS GmbH (