Climate services

Climate ecology in spatial planning

Climate ecology is becoming increasingly important within the framework of land use planning and project planning. As a professional and reliable service provider we support you in every facet of this issue regardless of the spatial level of the project.


Our work focuses on services to do with climate ecology, air quality and climate change adaptation. Our customers, especially in the public sector range from local municipalities and regional authorities through to federal state governments. Furthermore we work for private clients, like farmers or building developers.


Depending on the task, we apply proven methods or develop innovative solutions. We use our validated computer models and GIS-analysis. We organize expert discussions or workshops and take part in research projects. The compliance with the legal standards by our expertise goes without saying for us.



Climate services for every spatial level

Reliable analysis and precise concepts are essential for a climate-friendly urban and regional development. GEO-NET has already successfully carried out above 500 projects in this field. We are a professional, reliable and innovative service provider when it comes to the issues of climate ecology and air quality. We offer individual solutions for individual questions, for private and for public clients and at every spatial level.



Would you like to integrate the issues of climate ecology into the spatial development of your city or region?

Local and regional climate analyses

Our local and regional climate analysis is a reliable basis for this purpose. We begin by creating a climatotope map based on your town‘s or your region‘s structural data, which shows and assesses impact areas (settlement areas) and compensation areas (open sites). The next step is the creation of a climate analysis map by means of computerized modelling. This map allows you to better evaluate the climate interrelations and processes. The final planning reference map forms the primary basis for the decisions which are then taken regarding urban and regional development. It contains an integrated assessment of the previous results within the context of planning-relevant questions. Furthermore, it puts forward recommendations for measures and shows, if required, the local impacts of the climate change

Would you like to be able to evaluate the current climatic conditions in your city during warm summer periods on the basis of measurements?

Meteorological measurement campaigns

For this purpose we offer stationary measurements of the most essential parameters of a city‘s climate being wind, air temperature and humidity. In addition to the long-term measurements at selected locations, mobile measurements can be carried out in order to measure the temperature and humidity fields in a city area. We use the measured meteorological parameters as an additional factor to be included in our climate analysis or to verify computer simulated results. Measurement campaigns can also be used as an initial step towards achieving an accurate evaluation of the climatic situation of your town.


Are you currently drafting an urban structural development plan or managing a construction project?

Climate ecological expertise

Than you should consult with us in order to determine the impact of the plan on the climatic and air conditions. We assess all functional links between planning goals and the climate in reasonable detail. Our services fulfil the legal requirements that are made on development planning. We not only offer basic expert statements, but also large-scale and detailed analysis and forecasting modelling on the basis of advanced numerical models. The effects of individual construction variants or measure scenarios can be evaluated and compared. In close collaboration with you, we develop planning recommendations with the aim of avoiding or at least minimizing the potential impairments.

Can you comply with limit values in realising your project? We can help you with the answer!

Air quality expertise

We analyse emissions and air pollution from traffic, industry and households. The analysis can be carried out for the current and for the planned situation. Our range of methods includes the large-scale modelling of the air pollution; for example for regional planning or air quality planning as well as a study of pollution directly at certain constructions or for the assessment of traffic measures which is accurate down to a meter. Furthermore we offer modelling of odour dispersion for the estimation of odour impact especially in rural areas (for biogas plant or livestock farming).

Do you want to face the impacts of climate change in your local region?

Climate change adaptation strategies and expertise

We support you in fulfilling this complex responsibility with our technical and methodical expertise. We offer expertise for a specialised range of tasks (e.g. urban warming) or adaptation strategies which span different fields of activities. From the regional climate modelling we derive information about the local climate change in a high spatial and temporal resolution. On this basis we compile local vulnerability studies. In agreement with decision-makers on site, we develop a program of climate adaptation measures for specific areas. We can also help you with public fundraising.

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