From idea to success.

Efficient concepts for your wind energy project.

We will advise you and work on your projects from the initial idea to the completed wind farm. Where do you see yourself in our simplified project path? Please contact us at any time – we will accommodate your current situation, provide you with reliable advice and support and always find target-oriented solutions.



Are you searching for suitable project sites?

Identification of project areas

Taking into account wind conditions, distance regulations, spatial conditions, grid connection conditions, and all other necessary criteria and requirements, we will find the optimum areas for your project. In smaller areas, or even within entire countries, we will quickly identify all areas which meet your requirements and are relevant for successful project development.


Are you searching for a quick appraisal of wind conditions and energy yield?

Preliminary assessment of wind energy potential

Do you want to find the best location? For a first appraisal of the location, we will calculate wind conditions and energy yields independently of wind measurements and take into account the complexity of the area.


Do you need a reliable measurement campaign for a wind and energy yield report?

Design of measurement concept

Wind measurements can consume time and money. To enable you to effectively achieve your goals, we will provide a suitable measurement concept to you before starting the measurement. Here, we will consider met masts as well as remote sensing methodologies (e.g. LiDAR). We provide appraisals of uncertainty to offer you a reliable planning basis.


Do you need a wind measurement or reliable evaluation of measurement data?

Performing and analysing measurements

To ensure that your wind measurement is time and cost effective, we can offer you mast
based measurements in site-appropriate height, as well as remote sensing methodologies, at a package price. Your data will be controlled daily by our experienced staff who will provide you with fast solutions in case of any problems. We can provide a value for available wind measurement. We will support you from the measurement concept up to the analysis of measurement data or completely take care of these steps for you.


Do you need a bankable summary and evaluation of your measurement data?

Bankable measurement report

All the data of the measurement campaign will be processed, analysed and presented in clearly arranged tables and graphs. After the end of the measurement campaign, you will receive a detailed measurement report including uncertainty analysis for the project financing at your bank.


Do you need to be sure that your wind turbines will always be turning?

Final Micrositing

We will prepare the park layout for you for optimum energy yield. To do this, the FITNAH-3D wind field will provide location specific information. Furthermore, shadowing is minimised by the best possible arrangement of the turbines. The wind park area will be used efficiently, taking into account the existing infrastructure and topography. Relevant approval criteria such as minimum distances will be taken into account as part of this process.


Do you need a reliable basis for the financing of your project?

Bankable wind and energy yield report

For the final assessment of your project, we will provide you with a reliable and bankable wind and energy yield report. Applying FITNAH-3D, we will calculate a wind field for the planned wind park site and verify it by using appropriate reference data. The wind field delivers its own wind statistic for every turbine in the wind park. Via this method, energy yield forecasts at the planned hub height will be available at the highest possible level of accuracy.