Strategies and assessments on climate change adaption

Global climate change will have a particular local impact. We support municipalities and regions in the proactive management of climate impacts.

"Since adaptation in most cases has to be done at regional or local level, many decisions are to be taken at the local or regional level" (Deutsche Anpassungsstrategie zur Klimawandel, 2008). As experienced climate service providers, we support communities, (metropolitan) regions as well as state and federal authorities in their climate adaptation process. Depending on the question, the focus of the projects is in one or more of the following areas:


  • Spatially highly resolved modeling of urban / regional climate change
  • Vulnerability analyzes
  • Action programs
  • Integrated adaptation strategies
  • City development plans for climate / climate adaptation
  • Climate assessment of plans, projects and programs ("climate proofing")
  • Shareholder involvement


Depending on the specific task, we also regularly work with partner companies from other specialist disciplines (e.g. city planning). Our methodology consists of our own three-dimensional meso- and microscale climate models (FITNAH-3D, ASMUS), GIS-based methods (including ArcGIS, QGIS) and high-quality visualization tools (including ArcScene, InDesign).
In order to always be able to work according to the state of science and technology, we regularly carry out applied research and development.

We are also pleased to assist our customers in attracting federal, state and EU funding.

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