The international accreditation by the DAkkS for wind calculations, energy yield expertises, wind measuring campaigns and proof of reference yields according to EEG (DIN EN ISO 17025:2018) enables the international acceptance and application of GEO-NET’s produced results to third parties, e.g. financing, producers of wind turbines and investors.


Testing in the areas of:

  • Wind measurements by means of measuring mast, LiDAR and SoDAR measuring devices.
  • Verifications of LiDAR and SoDAR devices at eight different heights from 60 m to 200 m 
  • measurement data analysis
  • determining wind potential and energy output of wind turbine generators
  • determining reference yield of wind turbine generators
  • wind field simulation with mesoscale models
  • Providing evidence of site suitability (turbulence assessment)
  • Site quality determination (TG10)


These awards confirm our professional, highly qualified and innovative work and also motivate us to comply and expand this high performance standard in future.