How is my wind farm operating?


Why is my Wind Farm running below the expectation?


Operational Wind Farm Analysis (OWA) is recommended to be done after the first year of operation to check if it performs as expected.


GEO-NET has extensive experience in highly accurate energy yield analyses worldwide and regularly conducts Operational Wind Farm Analysis that uncovers failing projections and imperfect operation with the following steps:


  • PART 1: Pre-check
  • PART 2: Analysis of Operational SCADA Data
  • PART 3: Long-term Correction
  • Bankable Operational Energy Yield Assessment





  • Assessment of the REAL POTENTIAL

Classification of wind conditions during the operative period

Downtime analysis

Lost production analysis

Investigation of operational defects

Long-term energy yield prediction

  • Recommendations for OPTMIZATIONS and HIGHER YIELDS
  • INDEPENDENT opinion
  • LOW uncertainties/ realistic future energy yields for PLANNING PURPOSE
  • BETTER negotiating position



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