GEO-NET Ukraine

GEO-NET Ukraine- in Kyiv is one of our total of two subsidiaries. The GEO-NET subsidiaries enables us to handle the whole range of our services through our local company. 


Our high quality accredited services are still provided by our experts from the head office in Hanover, so that a consistently high quality and standard conformity of our services is always guaranteed. By establishing the company, we are now able to handle the entire range of our services, from site identification to wind measurements and energy yield assessments, on site in Ukraine.


Fuelled by an interesting feed-in tariff, a promising market for wind projects has developed in the Ukraine before the war. GEO-NET has been active there since the beginning and has gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the wind potential of Ukraine.


Most of the projects are located at the windy sites along the Black Sea coast, but inland and in the Carpathians there are also sites with high wind potential - but here you have to look much closer and choose the sites very carefully. The terrain is usually very complex and so is the wind potential. Simple models fail at such sites. Therefore GEO-NET uses the model FITNAH-3D, a CFD model, which has proven to be very reliable especially in complex terrain.




Please contact us with pleasure or call us immediately! Sergei Roife is your contact person for projects in the Ukraine.




Phone: +49 (0)511 3887200


We will gladly help you!


Our services in Ukraine

  • Wind potential studies
  • Search area procedure for wind energy sites
  • Conception, organization and execution of mast measurements
  • LiDAR/SoDAR measurements and verifications
  • Bankable wind and energy yield reports
  • Micrositing and park layout optimization
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Performance analyses and long-term energy production assessment of wind farms