Competence with system

Individual issues need individual methodological solutions. In view of many years of experience, we have a large method building kit, from which we can select together with you the suitable building blocks. In order to always be able to work according to the state of science and practice, we continually invest in research and development.


Our method building kit:

  • Self-developed meso- and microscale climate / spreading models (FITNAH-3D, ASMUS)
  • In-house downscaling method for spatial concretization of global / regional climatic modeling (ENVELOPE)
  • Externally developed mesoclasmic and microscale climate / propagation models (including LASAT, MISKAM, ENVI-met)
  • Comprehensive software for the analysis and visualization of geodata and model results. This includes geographic information systems (eg ArcGIS, QGIS and Idrisi), statistics and analysis software (SPSS and RStudio) as well as all common graphics programs
  • Shareholder involvement (workshops, expert interviews, questionnaire actions)