Final Micrositing

Within the scope of the final micrositing, we will ensure that your wind park effectively uses the prevailing wind potential and arrange for an optimized energy yield appropriate for your site.


We will provide you with advice regarding the optimal hub height as well as converter type. An efficient arrangement of the wind energy plants will minimise mutual shadowing effects of the single turbines and make optimum use of the spatial distribution of the area’s wind potential. The estimation of the park layout is conducted via extensive GIS-based analysis which is based on the detailed wind field information derived by FITNAH-3D modelling, among other sources.


Here, minimum distances to streets and buildings are considered, as well as distances between the single wind energy plants themselves. To secure compliance with all respective regulations, turbine layout can be optimised regarding all legal requirements (noise, shadow-casting, etc.), and a suitable crane parking area and access route can be planned. All micrositing tasks will be carried out by GEO-NET in a customised fashion using a wind direction distribution which is suitable for the selected hub height and desired WTG type.


In this way, your future wind farm will work even more efficiently, letting you look forward to noticeably increased energy yields!